Best Mobile Game Nominees

Draw Something is similar to Pictionary, where one player draws and others have to guess what the word is supposed to be. Draw Something Classic is available for free; a paid version (iOS(Opens in a new window), Android) (Opens in a new window)eliminates ads from the app for $2.99. Taking its name literally, AFK Arena(Opens in a new window) is an idle RPG game where you collect loot and level up even when you’re away from the keyboard.
There are a ton of traditional turn-based RPGs all over the App Store and Google Play storefronts. Once Marvel Comics’ and Foxnet/Scopely stepped up to go that route, mobile gamers ended up getting one of the best comic book-based games of all time. Marvel Strike Force features a vast collection of Marvel heroes and villains that can be attached to different parties for battle. Mixing and matching the game’s iconic characters for clashes across Marvel Strike Force’s many modes is an activity that has and will remain engrossing for years to come. Slingshotting birds into random structures full of evil pigs sounds like an intense fever dream, right? Thankfully, you don’t have to be under the influence of anything to properly experience that weird scenario.
Since Sims can socialize with each other and are allowed to develop romantic relationships players can even have fun and unique virtual dates. Never mind the obvious copycat games that feature characters that bear a striking resemblance to Super Saiyans – this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z fighting game is the only one you need. Dragon Ball Legends features surprisingly strong visuals that help its midair battles look and feel as close to the anime as possible. All your favorite heroes and villains are in attendance here as you place them in various teams for the hard road ahead.

This free-to-play game is all about building up a team of heroes and then taking them through turn-based RPG battles as you progress through the story. It’s not a complex concept by any means, but a game that’s really easy to dive into whenever you’re after some simple thrills. Controls are tight, and combat is diverse and enjoyable – meanwhile, there are several different arenas for you to do battle on, ranging from desert encampments, through to moon bases, and Japanese towns. The presentation is quite reminiscent of Overwatch actually, so if you enjoy that game, chances are you’ll enjoy this too. Midwestern indie founded and led by three brothers, Butterscotch Shenanigans traffics in eye-catching color and narrative quirk.
FIFA Mobile has been around for over six years now and needless to say, football fans from around the globe treat it as an outlet for their love of the sport. Featuring real players with regular challenges and quests, the game is quite a delightful experience on mobile devices. Be it fast-paced action or hardcore survival, the game offers plenty to keep players engaged. Tight controls, classic maps, and characters with a whole host of weapons and equipment make Call of Duty Mobile a must-try.
สล็อตเว็บตรง The game asks you to solve a word search in order to fill a crossword; simple yet addictive. Connect dots together in order to eliminate obstacles and fulfill your objective. This game(Opens in a new window) may sound simple, but it gets harder once new requirements are added and your moves become more limited. (Opens in a new window) is a simple enough concept—control a rolling ball while you collect balls that are the same color and avoid those that are different colors.
Like a lot of mobile games it’s a pick up and play kind of affair, but you can also spend all day on Marvel Snap. With the great artwork, slick gameplay, and huge range of Marvel characters, we reckon this would be a day well spent. It wouldn’t be a complete list without the brilliant Marvel Snap. It’s a card game for Marvel fans, sure, but it’s also a game everyone can enjoy. The diverse decks of cards available are great, and the gameplay loop adheres to that marketing quote of “simple yet addictive”.

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